WHO:  High-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) seeking European Union residency through investment.

WHAT: The Italian Investor Visa program offers streamlined access to Italy’s enriching hospitality industry and return on investment.

WHEN: An initial 2-year visa, further extendable up to 3 years with a total visa period of 10 years, requiring a minimum €500,000 investment.

WHERE: Italy, a member of the G7, serving as a strategic link to the world’s largest trading bloc.

WHY: Unlock visa-free Schengen travel, establish businesses in Italy, and embrace unique lifestyle perks.

HOW: Navigate a seven-step process, from document gathering to residence permit card collection.

  • Fast-track procedure with documents issued in English-
    No obligation to attend classes or pass tests in Italian.

  • Exemption from ordinary immigration duties-
    No minimum or maximum number of days to be spent in Italy. The visa can also be independent from any tax planning decisions.

  • Visa-free travel within Europe,
    including a stay of up to 90 out of any 180-day period in any other EU country.

  • Ability to further operate an Italian personal or corporate bank account in Italy-
    and make EU and Worldwide payments.

  • The ability to work or develop further business opportunities in Italy,
    as the Investor Visa is a full working visa. Further opportunities exist to combine the visa with other special tax regimes including the “Flat Tax” scheme.

  • The spouse and minor children
    may also be included.

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